Segment [noun]

Definition of Segment:

part of something

Synonyms of Segment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Segment:


Sentence/Example of Segment:

But this romanticism is, as it were, a segment of the larger circle of idealism.

Small as the segment of humanity is, it is a type of the great world to which it belongs.

Maxillary segment: the sixth segment of the head, bearing the maxillae.

Excavate: with a depression that is not the segment of a circle.

Joint: a segment or part between two incisures: an articulation.

Then the line became the segment of a circle bending in shore.

Let me add a segment of the circle to round your knowledge out.

The segment of a circle or any curved line, by which all angles are measured.

Therefore the other segment or portion of the said ei, is 5.

The segment of the transome, to wit, from the Index unto the opticke line be 18.