Member [noun]

Definition of Member:

part of a group

Synonyms of Member:

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Sentence/Example of Member:

The only member of that household I could marry is not suited to my age.

Great credit is also due to the second in command, and to every member of the party.

He was a member of the Cabinet, but not of the House of Commons.

Miss Hilton, a member of the Overton faculty, would chaperon her.

Fifty years before, on that day, he had been returned to Parliament as member for Newark.

There was nothing Christlike about her; still she was a member of the Church.

Strada was the only member of the company who interested the audience.

The young man was sent to college that he might be a member of a gentler caste.

This farm to which he had devoted his life was taking it from him by a member of its herd.

This was done, and I was up and dressed before any other member of the family was stirring.