Component [adjective]

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The flute, a component part of the organ, is one of the most ancient of musical instruments.

Avowe is all one word, though its component parts were often written apart.

If the web is a braced web, then the vertical component of the stress in the web bars cut by the section must be equal to S.

In such cases it is extremely likely that an ion of the salt in question forms a complex ion with a component of the solution.

The sign always denotes the character of the charge on the first component written in the subscript to .

The third component element of a philosophical language, therefore, is that there shall be a name for every Kind.

So now there was a halt in the firing, and another component of fear was applied.

Phenol, the author finds, is a constant component of human fces.

We became aware that the component units of the army were now quitting the roadway to take positions in the back lines.

The Coalition had many component parts, some coalescing without difficulty, but with no special cordiality.