Inherent [adjective]

Definition of Inherent:

basic, hereditary

Opposite/Antonyms of Inherent:

Sentence/Example of Inherent:

There is an inherent loneliness to such an existence, even with its burgeoning population.

The stench of colonialism has saturated each of its participants, and the honor inherent within their names must be revoked.

These limitations are inherent in data analyses of this kind and were not unique to this project.

There is competitiveness inherent in the map that we will fight for.

There’s this inherent challenge, especially for this first tier of folks who are not as tech-savvy and have trouble doing things very quickly.

Instead, "open systems" in this context refers to things that share an inherent interoperability—like being able to utilize a single sensor pod on multiple different types of aircraft.

The feeling of connection and stability that bowling alleys provide — the camaraderie inherent in bowling itself — will be sorely needed after we emerge from our collective isolation.

This pointed to new ways of approaching the inherent but hidden rules of polynomials.

Using these two features allows you to offset the delay inherent in using scripts and speed up your initial page loads.

The question is what happens when these assembloids become more sophisticated, edging ever closer to the inherent wiring that powers our movements.