Resident [noun]

Definition of Resident:

person living in a particular place

Synonyms of Resident:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resident:

Sentence/Example of Resident:

The Menghyi divided his talk between the Resident and myself.

What of the spirit, the resident divinity of so fair a temple?

A flowery way, he was sure, with real grass in it like the Resident's garden.

After all, there were trees and grass; good grass, and more of it than in the Resident's garden.

In the year 1850 a resident of Brooklyn came home from a trip to Europe.

East Wellmouth's wealthiest summer resident expressed an opinion.

The man was a stranger to him and obviously not a resident of East Wellmouth.

"Both sides fought with unprecedented frenzy," said a resident to us.

At these pretty festas one meets much of the resident Roman world.

There are many ways by which a resident can lighten the pains and penalties of a prisoner.