Local [adjective]

Definition of Local:

of a community, restricted to immediate area

Synonyms of Local:

Opposite/Antonyms of Local:

Sentence/Example of Local:

It’s the kind of solution that companies might need as local, state and national governments tighten emissions regulations.

Chan explains that even though you’re seeing more challenges to building a truly global company these days, there’s more space for local startups to win big.

In other markets, Spotify and Apple Music have relied on their deep pockets to compete against local challengers.

The Problem Solvers Caucus proposal would provide another $1,200 stimulus check, $450 in weekly enhanced unemployment benefits, and $500 billion for state and local government funding.

If you have a question or need a replacement ballot, call your local election office.

Malaysia accounts for 26 percent of the vast production of palm oil today, making it a great creator for the local economy as well.

Approximately 93% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local business owners.

This comes at a high price for local businesses, jobs and communities.

Although global data collection for the study finished as the coronavirus pandemic started at the beginning of 2020, some local surveys have continued this year.

Ty and Tara were a local couple with two kids who loved Cressman’s and didn’t want to change a thing.