Insular [adjective]

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From this point of view, the superiority of the continental over the insular colonies was not to be doubted.

Horses and dresses are found in the insular forms, but, so far, I have not found a single instance of the tournament.

The true causes of the depression were not within the control of the Insular Government or of any ruling factor.

Of the taxes accruing to the Insular Treasury under the above law, 10 per cent.

The insular failing is elsewhere frequently displayed by the poet in the trying light cast from a misanthrope genius.

Then it was that the insular propensity grew impudent and headstrong, and soon became a power in the land.

Others occur elsewhere in the Insular hand; I have not recorded many, but I made no systematic search.

We now come to the most startling consideration of all, namely, that there are two varieties of insular script in the book.

The two Insular writers were very possibly the most important of his workmen, for he entrusted most of the revision to them.

To fight in Germany for Hanover is to surrender the advantages of an insular position.