Secluded [adjective]

Definition of Secluded:

isolated, sheltered

Opposite/Antonyms of Secluded:

Sentence/Example of Secluded:

My laboratory I found to be almost as secluded as my living quarters.

The situation of the factory was described as a wild and secluded glen.

But we're going to furnish publicity to this secluded work of art.

Women were secluded from all civic life and from all intellectual culture.

Year by year the secluded women of Athens wove a robe for Athene.

Before reaching the secluded path, Silvere looked round him.

We were so quite alone, so secluded, so well guarded by the trees!

She was everywhere in this mournful house in which he secluded himself.

There are beds there, such as they are, and the place is secluded.

You 'd say that in a secluded spot like that I would be safe.