Blockaded [adjective]

Definition of Blockaded:

isolated, sheltered

Opposite/Antonyms of Blockaded:

Sentence/Example of Blockaded:

Their unsold cargoes on the way in steamers when Manila was blockaded came in for enormously advanced prices.

A traveler coming, wet and cold, into a country ale-house on the coast of Kent, found the fire completely blockaded.

It is known that, for two months, I blockaded Bastia with a squadron; only fifty sacks of flour got into the town.

The Swedes and their allies occupied Nuremberg, while the imperialists fortified a great camp and blockaded the city.

This bay being in possession of the allies, Nice could be completely blockaded by sea.

I beg to inform your lordship, that the port of Toulon has never been blockaded by me; quite the reverse.

But at last, after the fatal field of Naseby, the town was blockaded by the Scotch army.

But grave food problems also confronted the countries which were not blockaded in so specific a way.

There was no small amount of smuggling carried on between the ports of the North and the blockaded ports.

The Southern ports were blockaded and many necessaries of life were shut off.