Desideratum [Noun]

Definition of Desideratum:

something that is desired or considered necessary

Synonyms of Desideratum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desideratum:

Sentence/Example of Desideratum:

A well-functioning healthcare system is a desideratum for any developed nation.

The library director listed a new computer system as a major desideratum for the upcoming budget.

Peace and stability are desiderata for a thriving society.

Having a college degree might be a desideratum for some job applications.

While a swimming pool is a nice addition to a house, it wouldn't be considered a desideratum.

Fresh air and clean water are basic desiderata for human survival.

For the scientist, a successful experiment was the ultimate desideratum.

The teacher identified clear communication as a desideratum for effective learning.

Security is a major desideratum when choosing an online banking platform.

While winning the competition was a goal, simply participating was also a desideratum for the team.

A desideratum for a successful meeting is a clear agenda.

World peace is a universal desideratum.

Having access to clean water is a basic human desideratum.

The company identified better customer service as a key desideratum.

For some, owning a mansion is a desideratum, but for others, a cozy apartment suffices.

The scientist's research identified a new element as a potential desideratum for clean energy production.

The teacher's primary desideratum is for her students to enjoy learning.

This new phone model has all the desiderata I was looking for: a great camera and long battery life.

A good night's sleep is a much-needed desideratum after a long day.

While a swimming pool might be a desideratum in a hot climate, it's not a necessity everywhere.

Access to clean water is a basic desideratum for human life.

Having a big house might be a desideratum, but it's not essential.

The library is working on acquiring several rare books that are desiderata for their collection.

Peace and stability are universal desiderata.

The teacher listed clear instructions as a desideratum for the assignment.

Finding a cure for cancer remains a top medical desideratum.

While a gym membership is a desideratum for some, others prefer outdoor exercise.

The company identified improved customer service as a key desideratum.