Wish [noun]

Definition of Wish:


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Sentence/Example of Wish:

"It is partly for your sake that I wish it, my poor child," said he.

“I wish they may not be in league with them,” said Master Headley.

I wish we might have talked more—I'm sure—when are you leaving?

I wish my father had intrusted his money to you instead of to the superintendent.

"If there were any use in wishing, I'd wish myself on shore," said the second.

Shall be happy to facilitate any despatch you may wish forwarded to your Government.

"I wish it would," she said, gently, and then went on with her own thoughts while he was silent.

I never in my life saw any harm done by a villain; I wish I could.

I wish he were here now, even he,—any one who loved me truly, and whom I could love only a little.

There, if it be your wish, I will propose you; messengers will be appointed to converse with you.