Yen [noun]

Definition of Yen:

strong want

Synonyms of Yen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yen:

Sentence/Example of Yen:

Yen Sin held it up before his eyes in the full glow of the lamp.

I am sure he did not see me on the bench; he was looking at Yen Sin.

But of all the changes in the village, the most momentous to me was the change in Yen Sin.

And this was Urkey village, and night, and Yen Sin was dying.

Yen Sin wasn't laughing himself; he was looking at his collars.

The maximum deposit in one year of any depositor is limited to 500 yen (about £50).

“You seem to have quite a yen on for storms,” remarked Terry, laughing.

The yen looked tempting, but Yamamoto wouldn't play the game.

They save up their yen to spend, and plan for a great good time.

The unit of money in Japan is the yen, which is 50 cents in American coin.