Desire [noun]

Definition of Desire:

want, longing

Opposite/Antonyms of Desire:

Sentence/Example of Desire:

While liberal in her own beliefs, the speaker has routinely put the needs of her so-called Majority Makers over the desires of the left.

Lorson told Voice of San Diego she’s heard some folks mention desire for community forums but is concerned about coronavirus social distancing regulations and said some people may not be comfortable voicing their opinions in a public setting.

A massive number of voters are expected to vote by mail, at least partially driven by a desire to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

It often feels like one is talking to a human with beliefs and desires.

They evinced a pervasive desire to be involved in shaping solutions in the long-term interests of the organizations.

We may be staying close to home for the near future, but our desire for far-flung travel is stronger than ever.

Allowing millennials to take charge aligns with their desire for leadership opportunities, says Knights, which retains a solid group of young patrons year after year.

Wartime government-induced price ceilings on meat meant that many farmers simply chose not to produce for fear of losing money, but Americans were willing to endure the less-meat diet out of a shared desire to defeat the Axis enemies.

It’s a rousing tale and a rich contribution to our understanding of how same-sex desire and gender nonconformity are expressed in different times and places.

There was the physical aspect of the FKT, but at the same time, going back to that initial desire of wanting to hike the entire thing, it was never because I had to set an FKT.