Frenzy [noun]

Definition of Frenzy:

uncontrolled state or situation

Synonyms of Frenzy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frenzy:

Sentence/Example of Frenzy:

Meanwhile, right-wing groups from the Proud Boys to the Michigan Militia could join an explosive frenzy.

Foxx has yet to fully explain the series of events, which has only fed the media frenzy around the case.

That conspiracy-fueled frenzy was propelled in part by credulous mainstream news coverage, and by false accusations and even convictions of day-care owners.

In the Philippines, it has set off a frenzy as the 7-foot-2 18-year-old moves one step closer to becoming the first Philippines-born player in the NBA.

Although only one recession saw the bona fide busting of a frenzy, all six included bear markets.

Men tore their uniforms off in fits of frenzy and dove overboard to escape the murderous steam.

They hurry in a frenzy up the back-stairs about 1.25, and they pace up and down in a frenzy till half-past one.

Eugene Miller, in a fine frenzy, threw himself into a chair beside Aristide.

Here on the bridge he paused and turned in a frenzy to scream to his followers that they should fetch more torches.

She clasped her thin hands in a frenzy of impotent rage—with Anne Ashton had lain the real triumph, with herself the sacrifice.