Madness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Madness:

I sent him a checking-in text 2 weeks ago, just to see how he was doing in all the madness.

Trying to assign it a logical route may be the real act of madness.

They barricaded the door, turned off the lights, and hid under a table—in silence—for two and a half hours and listened to the madness outside.

Instead they gathered their loved ones to celebrate surviving the madness and say good riddance to a year full of constant struggle.

The specific algorithm powering the madness came from a 2019 research paper that allows a user to animate a photo of one person’s face with a video of someone else’s.

In the midst of the continued cookie madness, for lunch I microwaved the leftover turkey curry and poured it in a huge messy pile over a fluffy slice of milk bread.

If that is your case, then it’s time to end this madness and consolidate that clutter.

They are more alike than any game you might play of Parcheesi, but comparing them here is the road to madness.

If Democrats want to pull the country out of its current state of madness, they need to address it.

They joined in bands of youths and maidens and whirled down the Avenue in Bacchic madness.