Neurosis [noun]

Definition of Neurosis:

mental disturbance, disorder

Opposite/Antonyms of Neurosis:

Sentence/Example of Neurosis:

Was this, then, some special case of phthisis complicated by neurosis?

In both sexes there is a tendency to neurosis and degeneration.

The neurosis is merely a wrong attitude to life and its problems.

Some forms of neurosis appear to be limited to certain ethnic groups.

How did we gain our knowledge of these psychological factors in the case of neurosis?

And then it dawned upon her of what use her mother's neurosis was.

The neurosis is final; that is, it is directed towards an aim.

This conception may be described as the sexual theory of the neurosis.

Let's face it, any psychiatrist will tell you that's enough cause for neurosis.

You may have a little post-nasal catarrh, but I think it is only a neurosis.