Sameness [noun]

Definition of Sameness:

likeness, similarity

Synonyms of Sameness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sameness:

Sentence/Example of Sameness:

There is necessarily a sameness in the records of these pestilences.

The human mind is a sort of reflection of this, having ideas of Being, Sameness, and the like.

There is no sameness of existence, but the new mortality is always taking the place of the old.

And sameness has been shown to be of a nature distinct from oneness?

But how can that which does not partake of sameness, have either the same measures or have anything else the same?

It borrows a certain dignity of sameness from the majestic monotony of the sea.

At last the professor grew tired of the sameness of the journey.

People complain of the sameness in the 'Lives of the Saints.'

The sameness of them stretched for uncountable yards in all directions.

The work of picking is not heavy, but becomes tedious from its sameness.