Parity [noun]

Definition of Parity:

equality, balance

Opposite/Antonyms of Parity:

Sentence/Example of Parity:

And thus there is no parity between their prayers and the Church's suffrages.

By parity of non-sequitur, we are, therefore, to surrender the active is building.

He wanted Johnson to concentrate his attack on the parity question.

With us, able to live off ourselves, there is more approach to parity.

There had to be a parity of ranks; and the same principle might well apply to fortunes.

Some think it doth, because there is, say they, a parity of reason.

Our gold, silver, and paper money stand at a parity with each other.

By parity of reasoning, one sect of Mohammedans worship the devil only.

Thy reasoning is on a parity with thy fears, both have flown wide of the mark.

Hence, the parity of all religions in the Levant had to be recognised.