Unlikeness [noun]

Definition of Unlikeness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unlikeness:

Sentence/Example of Unlikeness:

Then the one will have unlikeness in respect of which the others are unlike it?

And if unlikeness to other things is attributed to it, it must have likeness to itself.

That would imply likeness and unlikeness, equality and inequality.

And we also said, that it did not partake of inequality or unlikeness.

The unlikeness of the unlike is everywhere its indispensable foundation.

For, with all the unlikeness, Lilian had never suspected the truth.

The moral kindred has darkened into unlikeness, but the other remains.

The points of unlikeness are at least as numerous as the points of likeness.

He was puzzled by Nesta's unlikeness in deeds and in aspect.

There was another point of unlikeness, which he does not mention.