Nonconformity [noun]

Definition of Nonconformity:

belief, behavior different from most

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonconformity:

Sentence/Example of Nonconformity:

The only instance in which there is nonconformity with observation, is that of Venus.

Their suspension of the penalties for Nonconformity was denounced.

For this act of nonconformity they were severely censured by some of their brethren.

Her hungry eyes, gazing at Bianca, had in them the aspirations of all Nonconformity.

My spirit of nonconformity did not permit me to follow his example.

Rabid in their nonconformity, how am I to make a happy family of them?

In 1662 Dalgleish was ejected for nonconformity, and died before the Revolution.

We hear less of what the life of Nonconformity has done for the Church.

Another chapter on Nonconformity will be found in this book.

But then, how did Nonconformity afar manage to do it so exactly like?