Unorthodoxy [noun]

Definition of Unorthodoxy:

belief, behavior different from most

Opposite/Antonyms of Unorthodoxy:

Sentence/Example of Unorthodoxy:

He was, however, banished for unorthodoxy and died at Lampsacus aged 72.

But unorthodoxy in the realm of politics is still frowned upon.

The association of the name of Copernicus with that of Galileo has always cast an air of unorthodoxy about the great astronomer.

Because, if both orthodoxy and unorthodoxy go wrong, what is a poor human woman to do?

From this it would seem that heresy and unorthodoxy had already made its appearance in the diocese.

The Freethinker, treated as a moral leper, is driven from his home and goes abroad to expiate his sin of unorthodoxy.

They have been admired because they concealed their essential conventionality under a slight perfume of unorthodoxy.

To cap all this unorthodoxy, the Wends make the Creator call after Judas that he is forgiven.

His behaviour during these same negotiations with Rome witnesses equally strongly to his political wiliness and his unorthodoxy.

It was shown to a reverend Father Remigio of Florence, therefore was probably orthodox, or its unorthodoxy was veiled.