Heterodoxy [noun]

Definition of Heterodoxy:

belief, behavior different from most

Opposite/Antonyms of Heterodoxy:

Sentence/Example of Heterodoxy:

A strange doctrine, that; savoring perhaps of heterodoxy, and perilous to be adopted by such as can not fathom it thoroughly.

And apart from his heterodoxy, he is philosophically incompetent and his method is abominable.

I go to the Genevese churches every Sunday, and nourish my heterodoxy with orthodox sermons.

Wakefield had the misfortune of not being able to cover his heterodoxy with the conventional formula.

At last some of his congregation accused him to the chief rabbi of Budapest of heterodoxy.

Whatever savoured in the least of heterodoxy, either in theory or in practice, aroused its vigilance.

In France, the Calvinistic discipline, though it had not suppressed heterodoxy, at least made its expression very guarded.

It is too fine spun and arrogant orthodoxy that is itself responsible for half of the heterodoxy of which it complains.

Upon a point so puerile as this revolves the entire difference between the heterodoxy of Persia and the orthodoxy of Turkey.

Grandfather looked at grandson quizzically, seeking the cause of such heterodoxy in a northern man.