Conformity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conformity:

She wears a uniform without it becoming a statement of conformity.

They should emphasize that sometimes conformity takes courage.

It’s important to think carefully about the message, because there’s more than one type of conformity.

I loved being in the gang of mavericks, because it lets you be innovative and creative without the constraints of conformity.

By a “single” or “one reading,” I mean a single careful perusal in conformity to the requirements of my System.

So that in conformity every Man may take great comfort in himself, and all Mankind live well with one another.

There was much to be said about occasional conformity, about toleration, about the relation between Church and State.

He pushed his conformity to what he considered the usages of the Primitive Church to the verge of eccentricity.

This was most probably, in many instances a mere unthinking conformity to ancient use and wont.

In conformity with precedents, the coronation was distinguished by the grant of new honours.