Willingness [noun]

Definition of Willingness:


Synonyms of Willingness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Willingness:

Sentence/Example of Willingness:

He did not doubt her ability or her willingness to kill the man.

They readily expressed their willingness to carry out the promise.

He expressed his willingness to find me employment in the mill.

There is as much faith in the willingness to work for an unseen future in this world as in another.

That which externally seemed will and immovableness was willingness and self-annihilation.

The qualifications for (s)election were willingness, obedience, fidelity, endurance.

That willingness made every one of the old-timers a host in himself.

They are now enjoying the benefits of their willingness to learn.

He made as if I had deafened him with protestations of my smartness and willingness.

But I cannot deny that there was something comforting in his willingness.