Aversion [noun]

Definition of Aversion:

dislike; opposition

Opposite/Antonyms of Aversion:

Sentence/Example of Aversion:

I remember a senior clerk in the office where I first worked to whom there was a general aversion.

High-minded and possessing a keen sense of honor himself, he had an instinctive aversion to anything mean or low in others.

Mademoiselle affected for her gaoler a most unconquerable aversion, and this she took pains to proclaim.

He had a strong aversion to newspaper men and sent them away without ceremony.

Experience has long proved that the surest way to overcome an aversion to a person is to do that person a kindness.

She did not respond; she did not attempt to soothe him; if ever looks expressed reproach and aversion, hers did then.

Ethel and Norman came up after breakfast, their aversion by no means decreased by further acquaintance.

People continue to live in such villages because the average Englishman has a great aversion to leaving his native land.

Sir Robert Peel congratulated the house upon the noble lord's aversion to Mr. Wakley's physic.

I tried a return to the sound diet, but do what I would to conquer my aversion, it was all labour lost.