Detestation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Detestation:

As he was carried along he made his will, in which he bequeathed his detestation of popery to his friends and brethren.

Into that game Michael poured all he felt of savage detestation for everything that the Modern side stood for.

He therefore urged the Achaeans not only to decline the offer, but to hold Eumenes in detestation for thinking of making it.

But you are exhausted; and notwithstanding my detestation of that infernal tyrant, your master, I am a humane man.

She and Lady Ralegh had 'an ancient acquaintance,' which had resulted in mutual detestation.

Sometimes his family almost worship him, while thousands speak his name with detestation.

She admitted the genius of Byron, but had such detestation of his character that she would not read his poetry.

The purpose of this visit was pretty well known to the public, to whom "Madam Carwell" at once became an object of detestation.

Being the idol of his mother and the detestation of his father produced a peculiar effect upon his character.

Privately she kept expense books, learned cooking—yes, and laughed to think of her old detestation of it.