Disliking [verb]

Definition of Disliking:

be antagonistic toward something; hate

Opposite/Antonyms of Disliking:

Sentence/Example of Disliking:

Von Rosen wondered at himself for disliking Mrs. Edes in particular, whereas he disliked most women in general.

Besides, they were tolerant of the British, while disliking the Turks even more than they disliked the Germans.

He was the schemer-in-chief; and the others, while disliking him heartily, were content to rely on his superior cunning.

With her elbows on the observatory railing, Salome, disliking popular ftes, listened to her familiar poluphloisbious ocean.

Poor Lenny remained by the Stocks, very much dejected, and greatly disliking the neighborhood to which he was consigned.

Suddenly Cosimo found himself disliking Mr. Hamilton Dix more intensely than he had ever done before.

This does not mean that criticism is to be a matter of personal opinion in the sense of its being arbitrary liking or disliking.

I can't bear to myself, though I'd never no use for the beast, neither liking nor disliking!

Barbara was reading the opinions of the world and the acceptances of the world, and in disliking them she came to doubt herself.

He was not given to disliking people strongly, except at the moments in which they offended him.