Disesteem [noun]

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Through sympathy with their foreign confrères British writers also held him in high disesteem.

The way to render human beings of any class despicable is to undervalue them; for disesteem will superinduce degeneracy.

This does not save them from disesteem and deprecation, for they fall short under the test of honorific waste.

Were I truly humble, I would desire disesteem, even though having in the matter in hand given no real offence.

Admiral Digby smiled at his enthusiasm; but he was too good a judge of human nature to disesteem, or even undervalue, enthusiasm.

It must be remembered that Margaret's self-esteem did not really involve any disesteem of others.

Witchcraft was an article of belief, but was held in great disesteem.

But this is unnecessary; since, as Dr. Chalmers says, it “has fallen into utter disesteem and desuetude.”

Nay, it is weakness and disesteem of a man's self to put a man's life upon such liedger performances.

The profligate degeneracy of the Druids, however, tended to bring this also into disesteem.