Disfavor [noun]

Definition of Disfavor:

dislike; disgrace

Synonyms of Disfavor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disfavor:

Sentence/Example of Disfavor:

The von Fleischl has long been the standard instrument, but has lately fallen into some disfavor.

Another consideration explains the historical and popular disfavor in which Catherine is held.

Finkenstein and Kalkstein were always covertly rather of the Queen's party, and now stand reprimanded, and in marked disfavor.

Mr. Bangs's fish eyes regarded him with glittering disfavor.

"So ignominious," said Sylvia, looking over her person with disfavor.

Instead, he scanned Stover's clothes with critical disfavor.

Too much still hung in the balance of her favor or disfavor.

"Go to your room by all means," the spinster said bitterly, regarding her with looks of marked disfavor.

In other parts of France, as well as in Barn, Jeanne's reformatory movements were looked upon with great disfavor.

The call was addressed to such as "regard with disfavor all further popular agitation" of the subject of Slavery.