Certainty [noun]

Definition of Certainty:

positive assurance

Opposite/Antonyms of Certainty:

Sentence/Example of Certainty:

It’s time to establish the regulatory certainty to extract and trade space resources.

“It’s time for regulatory certainty to extract and trade space resources,” Bridenstine said in a tweet.

There are simply too many factors for anyone to offer certainty.

Although we noted that a 60-game season wouldn’t offer much less certainty than a 162-game campaign usually does, it’s also true that a sample of 60 games can be unrepresentative of how good a team actually is.

When your opponent played rock or paper with equal probability, you knew with certainty they wouldn’t play scissors, and that meant if you played paper you couldn’t lose.

Every year seemed to produce another front in the battle against the purveyors of old certainties, a new frontier on which to show that difference was nothing to be afraid of.

Even if the league attempts to proceed without the Marlins, more outbreaks on other teams are a near certainty.

It's a certainty that they will be captured if they spend that money at any trading-post within our jurisdiction.

I wouldn't part for a second with the certainty that I am the biggest figure in young England to-day.

When an article is written, the financial reward (and we may as well live as not) is a matter of certainty.