Setup [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Setup:

On seeing the fugitives, they setup a shout of surprise and anger.

The setup was inspected twice daily by the commander or his executive.

Their setup for killing, imprisonment, bribery and blackmail functions too well.

It was a one-privy-to-a-floor, cold-water only setup, with a family living in every room.

Glancing into his mirror he took in the setup, then faked a steep climb.

It made no difference that he didn't know where he was or anything about the setup.

After that—well, he'd make his plans when he knew the setup.

But nobody ever built a setup like this that worked any better.

There was only one thing wrong with the setup from Barney's point of view.

I want to see the setup there, too, but I want it ready for a quick scan.