Structure [noun]

Definition of Structure:

makeup, form

Synonyms of Structure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Structure:

Sentence/Example of Structure:

Like a huge sloth he drew himself to the roof of the structure.

I could push the wagon about with one hand, so light was its structure.

Thence it was an easy task to get on top of the structure in which the dance was being held.

Our first object must be to study the structure of the animal.

On the side facing the highway the structure was more solid.

He tried to frighten the ladies by telling them the structure was shaking.

This is one of the neatest plants of this structure in our woods.

Some imitate coral in structure and some seem to be a mass of spines.

The structure of taxation should be harmonious and symmetrical.

The difference is one in the structure of the atomic elements.