Skeleton [noun]

Definition of Skeleton:

structure of bones in animate being or supports in an object

Synonyms of Skeleton:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skeleton:

Sentence/Example of Skeleton:

The (hup)-seax has often been found in Saxon graves on the hip of the skeleton.

At least, we think the skeleton is mournful; the skeleton himself does not seem to think so.

Savants say that it is the skeleton of a female, probably a young girl.

Longfellow's Skeleton in Armor has revealed their temporary settlement.

Here is the skeleton of the Horse, and here the skeleton of the Dog.

In that skeleton there are a number of parts to be recognized.

And then she raised a skeleton claw, and grabbed her hair, and pointed to mine.

It is the skeleton, the structure of life, love, the cosmos.

But he had the sense not to act the part of a skeleton at the feast.

It was a skeleton, they said, only that it had a dry skin all over it.