Cage [noun]

Definition of Cage:

enclosure with bars

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Sentence/Example of Cage:

In a later experiment, they showed that animals, when given the choice, actively avoided areas of their cages that, when entered, triggered the activation of the neurons.

Ten weeks later, each monkey was moved with its mother to an unfamiliar cage.

The team also analyzed blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol before and after the time spent in the new cage.

That blood had been collected before, during and after their time in the new cage.

Around the same time, the psychiatrist Cesar Agostini kept dogs in cages rigged with bells that jangled horribly whenever they tried to lie down and sleep, and in the 1920s researchers in Japan did something similar with cages studded with nails.

Wild animals kept in cages come into close contact with people and other animals.

So Hettie put the chicken in a cage, with some wool to cover it, and fed it several times every day, till it came to know her.

The 'cage' was simply an arrangement for 'straiter custody,' though but rarely judged necessary in the case of ladies.

Across the middle of the cage a stout barricade has been erected, and behind the barricade sits the Master, pale but defiant.

A long, portable cage had been put together on the stage during the intermission, and within it the ten pacing beasts.