Enclosure [noun]

Definition of Enclosure:

area bounded by something

Synonyms of Enclosure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enclosure:


Sentence/Example of Enclosure:

In later lab experiments, the researchers placed brown tree snakes inside an enclosure with a wide pole.

Asus ROG Flow X13 with XG Mobile eGPUAs stated before, you can’t cram a full-fledged desktop GPU into a laptop, which is where external GPU enclosures come into play.

With every vote at a premium, workers had constructed an enclosure in a balcony overlooking the House chamber so lawmakers exposed to or testing positive for the coronavirus could more safely vote.

The word “garden” originally referred to “a sense of enclosure,” explains the North Carolinian’s statement.

The silver menorah, shielded from the wind by a tall, narrow glass enclosure, was too deep to be easily lit with a tiny match.

The batteries providing the power are pouch-type cells arranged in reinforced steel enclosures.

Transfer your drive, plug it in, and reformatPicking the right enclosure is, weirdly, the hard part.

Due to the size of their speaker enclosures and drivers, over-ear headphones in particular make for a wider and more realistic listening experience that has an effect similar to sitting in front of stereo speakers.

A cannon-ball crashed through the mud wall and bounded across the enclosure.

Chumru quickly picked out the house of a zemindar, or land-owner, which stood in its own walled enclosure behind a clump of trees.