Corral [noun]

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All of my daughters were obsessed with vaulting, a kind of gymnastics on horseback, and the sport took us all over the place, often to the edge of horse corrals to watch people flip and twist on and off the backs of trotting horses.

So imagine my surprise in 2006 — 27 years after the show shone for the last time in anything but reruns — when with my daughter on my shoulders, none other than Starsky pulled up next to me at a horse corral in Southern California.

For years, the Friends of Balboa Park and the Balboa Park Conservancy have separately worked to raise funds and corral volunteers to support the iconic park with a long list of needs.

He found the man in the driveway, standing by a pickup outside a corral.

The agency acknowledges that more than 160 containment structures have been built to corral spills since the late 1990s.

A little corral for the sheep, and a rough shed for the pony, and the home was complete: far the prettiest home they had ever had.

Wal, then he walked up and down, up and down (this all happened out by the calf-corral), and blowed and blowed and blowed.

There was an adobe house on the flat, a corral, and other evidences of a rather extensive ranch.

The plows are by the corral, and the first team that comes up is to be harnessed to each in turn.

Tom was her elder brother and as the girls walked toward the ranch house he crossed the yard from the corral.