Stockade [noun]

Definition of Stockade:

enclosure; jail

Synonyms of Stockade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stockade:


Sentence/Example of Stockade:

We then made a lodgment on the side of the mount near the stockade.

He said the men were rebuilding the stockade and getting in the harvest.

They saw that the brush had been cut from the ground outside the stockade, as if for battle.

With this they were to surmount the stockade and gain the open.

That relation of his, Si-Lapa by name, was then with Doramin in the stockade only a few feet away.

Over the stockade and the Rajah's buildings Brown saw their lights on the water.

And, indeed, if they had been short he would have been too anxious to send food into the stockade had he been able.

His presentment at the arched loophole in his stockade was formidable.

Immada has been to see Belarab's women and stopped two nights in the stockade.

Ningrat was spirited away by Tengga's men into their master's stockade.