Camp [adjective]

Definition of Camp:

consciously affecting the unfashionable, weird, or bizarre

Synonyms of Camp:

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Sentence/Example of Camp:

Wherever you go, the Talon will help turn your car camping site into a true base camp.

In backcountry areas where bruins and other animals want your food, hanging it in a tree downwind of camp will keep it out of reach and reduce nighttime animal prowlers around your tent.

Overall, athletes had successful camps in 46 of the 82 cases, for a hit rate of 56 percent.

This summer, consumer financial services company Synchrony introduced Synchrony summer camps, virtual summer camp experiences for 3,700 children of employees.

At the beginning of camp, students often reported that struggling with math was a sign you weren’t doing well.

They’d decided to skip preseason games — which no one really likes anyway — and by late July, all 32 teams were deep into training camp.

He has played at a level, not just in games but also through camp, where we have had to give him the net.

Once at camp, kids and staff were checked daily for symptoms.

You’ll be guided by Australian mountaineer Andrew Lock and camp under peaks like Masherbrum and Trango Tower.

He generally prepares his main dishes on trusty camp stoves and uses the fire just to warm crusty bread.