Artificial [adjective]

Definition of Artificial:

fake; imitation

Synonyms of Artificial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artificial:

Sentence/Example of Artificial:

While that might not sound like a particular pressing need to the average person, the project fits into Musk’s long-standing concerns about artificial intelligence.

Dubbed Sputnik-V, after the first artificial satellite, the vaccine has been tested in only a small number of people.

Once tourists filled the vessel’s 20 leather armchairs, it would plunge into an artificial lake shaped like a champagne glass.

Knewz uses a mix of human curation and “artificial intelligence” to present stories from around 400 sources.

In this way, they were able to incept a wholly artificial smell into mice.

As artificial intelligence and quantum computing transform how we decode our DNA and how we discover drugs, genetics and pharmaceuticals will become truly personalized.

That said, we’re inching ever closer to full-capability artificial-biological hybrid circuits.

And, minor modifications to the device could enable it to function as a wearable and potentially implantable artificial kidney.

We’ve watched automation slowly but surely expand its capabilities and take over more jobs, and we’ve wondered what artificial intelligence will eventually be capable of.

In a paper published last week in Nature, though, researchers from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology devised a way to build photosensors directly into a hemispherical artificial retina.