Cardboard [adjective]

Definition of Cardboard:

thin, flimsy

Synonyms of Cardboard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cardboard:


Sentence/Example of Cardboard:

He further proposes to use it in the form of a solid cardboard as a roofing material for light structures.

The application is made in a paper machine, the pulp being allowed to flow over the cardboard.

On the stall are baby dolls with bodies made of grey cardboard, smiling after the manner of idols, monstrous and serene as they.

In doing so, to his dismay, he upset a couple of old cardboard boxes filled with letters, and they fell with some clatter.

It is true that it might have lain under the setting of the frame, hidden beneath the protecting cardboard mat.

Milton, seated before the fire, was ruefully contemplating what looked like a heap of waste cardboard.

The Baptist Chapel and schoolhouse looked as if they were cut out of red cardboard against the night.

Isal-ak ning kartun sa libru, Insert this cardboard between the pages of the book.

Myers said, pointing to the cardboard box with the envelope taped to it, when Benson lifted it out of the gray-green locker.

The King was happy all that morning with his cardboard and his paint-box.