Papery [adjective]

Definition of Papery:

thin, flimsy

Synonyms of Papery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Papery:


Sentence/Example of Papery:

"No one can complain of papery ices here," said the Marchesa.

The coat of the inner ball is thin and papery, and opens by an apical mouth.

It was of silky, papery fiber, as smooth to the touch as to the eye.

Look along the twigs and you will find the needles arranged in bundles, with a papery, enclosing sheath at the base.

Soft pines shed the papery sheath of their leaf bundles before the leaves themselves begin to fall.

He took out his clasp knife, and after stripping off the papery outer shell, cut the onion into thick dewy slices.

The flowers last a long time in water, gradually becoming paler in color and papery in texture.

They grow from one to over two feet high, taller than the grasslike leaves, forming a loose cluster, with papery bracts.

The peculiar, five-lobed involucre, which becomes large and papery after flowering, contains from three to five flowers.

It is made of a papery kind of substance, of rather slight texture, and is fixed to the stalk of a reed.