Insubstantial [adjective]

Definition of Insubstantial:

weak, imaginary

Synonyms of Insubstantial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insubstantial:

Sentence/Example of Insubstantial:

Even these willfully insubstantial constructions are more concrete than Jacqueline Maggi’s diaphanous, unoccupied rectangular enclosure.

That was another relative—James Lampton, a cousin—quite as lovable, and a builder of even more insubstantial dreams.

The coast of America now looked more like a low-lying fringe of insubstantial cloud than solid land.

Here we may fashion pictures and weave around them gossamer draperies as insubstantial as this golden twilight.

When viewed in the light of that modern common sense which has guided economic discussion, it seems formal and insubstantial.

Odd to reflect on—they were the insubstantial but coveted wealth of the woman fallen upon poverty, ignoble poverty!

The strong desire to behold the loved ones who have passed away is indeed the impulse; but they too return, though insubstantial.

Her head was very light on my shoulders, and she felt curiously insubstantial, like a woman of feathers.

And it is failure in this respect that has made so much of idealistic philosophy thin, lifeless, and insubstantial.

Wealth and rank unrighteously obtained seem to me as insubstantial as floating clouds.