Substantial [adjective]

Definition of Substantial:

important, ample

Synonyms of Substantial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Substantial:

Sentence/Example of Substantial:

He went back to his hotel, and feeling hungry, made a substantial meal.

A tooth-mug of substantial earthenware dropped to the floor with a crash.

It is necessary to have one member of the firm solid and substantial.

Still, there was a substantial appearance of comfort and wealth about it.

The only substantial food at table was a great dish of game.

It is best to screw a substantial block to the inside of the boat.

And each day renews to him these pure and substantial pleasures, which afford not only gratification, but health.

How did the roots or substantial portions of words become modified or inflected?

But if you had proof, substantial proof, the proof of his own pen?

They act on whatever basis promises the most substantial return.