Hefty [adjective]

Definition of Hefty:

big, bulky

Synonyms of Hefty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hefty:

Sentence/Example of Hefty:

Made from anodized aluminum and with a matte finish, the Maglite is a hefty, solidly-built instrument.

However, after a hefty dose of LPS, acupuncture stirred up the “fight or flight” pathway through a different set of biological communication lines, which in turn ramped up inflammation to a dangerous level.

Moser is trying to portray the hefty fine hanging over his head as an act of government overreach.

The planet’s hefty pile of discarded electronics is getting a lot heavier, a new report finds.

This hefty outlay—along with problems with the previous generation of headsets, such as seasickness—has meant that the market for VR is still relatively small.

For the most part big, strong, hefty-looking men; well uniformed, well set up.

It was empty, but he wanted nothing, only the barrels, which furnished a short and very hefty club.

He rose at their hefty salutation; readjusted his spectacles, blinked; and then it came over him: These damn pustulent princes!

"They'll hit the range near the head of the reserve and a hefty gang could get down the Wolf Creek gulch," Douglas observed.

Grease, in its barmiest days, near projuced a more hefty cavileer.