Colossal [adjective]

Definition of Colossal:

very large

Synonyms of Colossal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Colossal:

Sentence/Example of Colossal:

Standing around on top of the ground trying to get your arms around this colossal problem is futile.

At exactly two miles from the starting point, we turned to our right and saw a colossal pyramid dune the color of burnt parchment.

When Qwikster proved a colossal failure, the mistake was Hastings’s own.

Not half a mile into the journey, I was surrounded by colossal redwoods.

The problem is that all this heating and magnetic confinement requires colossal amounts of energy.

A colossal steam "traveller" had ceaselessly carried great blocks of stone and long steel girders from point to point.

Profiting by this, Benjy quietly moved away round a colossal buttress of the berg, and took refuge in an ice-cave.

Lady Victoria's earlier mood of colossal indifference had been dissipated by her son's return.

You first enter a large fore-court, at the extremity of which a colossal gateway leads into the inner courts.

If ever I started upon a colossal piece of folly, it was this same trip abroad.