Enormous [adjective]

Definition of Enormous:

very large

Synonyms of Enormous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enormous:

Sentence/Example of Enormous:

Top officials now say the plan is to leverage the enormous investment they have made in voter data over the past three years to mount a massive turnout operation in the final weeks.

Even though TikTok gained enormous popularity over the last few years, governments have raised security concerns about the app.

CTV retargeting is an enormous direct-response ad opportunity.

Yet even if these up and coming corporations do become some of the more successful stocks in the world from here on out, they will almost certainly experience one or more enormous crashes to get there.

She’s trapped in the gap between signifier and signified, and that vast and enormous space tortures her.

What’s happening is an enormous tragedy, worthy of headline coverage, but within it are thousands of personal and family tragedies.

Neural networks based on this architecture can be “pre-trained” on an enormous amount of text to learn general properties of natural language.

The sudden shift in momentum convinced Sprecher that the transition was now accelerating, so that the growth in customers joining a fully automated ecosystem over the next few years would be enormous.

Some thought the worst infectious disease crisis in a century, along with the enormous public investments, would change industry behavior.

The lack of an in-stadium audience impacts the value and quality of the product, but sports like football have an enormous ecosystem of blogs and players.