Immense [adjective]

Definition of Immense:

extremely large

Opposite/Antonyms of Immense:

Sentence/Example of Immense:

“I’m seeing immense frustration and fear that they’re going to be left behind,” Bloomgarden says.

It takes an immense amount of resources, and personnel talent, to optimize the algorithm running those platforms based on the company’s key performance indicators, or KPIs.

The ecosystem is immense, and so are the probabilities some stakeholders employ questionable practices.

The country’s fragile push for democracy has always centered around Suu Kyi’s immense popularity.

His commitment to journalism and the basketball community was immense and we will miss his warm, engaging personality.

Brooklyn’s three stars made their shared debut together Wednesday, flashing their immense collective potential at times before falling, 147-135, to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Other significant challenges include the technology’s fast approach to the limits of current computing power and its immense energy consumption.

Indeed, in 2019 Senator Josh Hawley introduced legislation to that effect, his ironically-named Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act would have handed an immense amount of control over online speech to the Federal Trade Commission.

Some fans have even speculated that Wanda’s immense grief will drive her to become a villain and the main antagonist in the Doctor Strange movie.

He found that not only were galaxies immense and distant objects, they were also flying away from each other.