Elephantine [adjective]

Definition of Elephantine:


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Sentence/Example of Elephantine:

General Botha was big, large and great in body and brain—elephantine!

They, like the press as a whole, were obviously waiting to see which way the great elephantine public would jump.

The Professor, as I remembered him, had an elephantine sense of humour capable of the most clumsy and unwieldly gambollings.

He bowed and shrugged and spread open his hands as he spoke with his elaborate and elephantine sarcasm.

There was something elephantine about his nature that prevented him from being simple or casual in his moods.

It recounts my elephantine adventures in pursuit of the obvious.

Mr. Deacon, as one would expect, laughed loudly, took the situation in his elephantine grasp and pawed at it.

The boy sprang on to the dock wall, and created much merriment with his elephantine caresses.

If you could stand him up, his foot would cover eighteen feet—an elephantine monster.

She was certainly massive, but probably fell short a hundred and fifty pounds of these elephantine proportions.