Great [adjective]

Definition of Great:

very large

Opposite/Antonyms of Great:

Sentence/Example of Great:

Along with Noma chef René Redzepi, Puglisi is a groundbreaking chef of new Nordic Cuisine, which turned Copenhagen into one of the world’s greatest dining destinations.

There's also an influx of counterfeit cheaper whiskies seeping into the markets, which could pose an even greater challenge, albeit less of a headline-grabbing one.

In 2012, 85 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of Democrats said the United States was the greatest nation.

“China is a great nation, and we should hope for the continued expansion.”

Florida’s way down, Texas is now way down, Arizona, governor’s done a great job.

It’s just been the greatest economic environment I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

Our military, when I came into this great office, our military was depleted.

Scarane kept the pitch to the agenda she'd take to Washington, always starting by saying the system was “working great for the very wealthy” and seeing where the voter took it.

“We want more great engineers not fewer,” he said on Monday, without mentioning how many more engineers his company may hire.

"Capital, capital," his lordship would remark with great alacrity, when there was no other way of escape.