Miniature [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Miniature:

Can our sweet Sylph be going to heaven, to seek the original of the miniature?

She took a miniature from his neck, and I drew his purse and watch from him and handed them to her.

Lucy Ann did her miniature cooking with great seriousness and care.

I declined the tray; so he placed it on his own knees, to act as a miniature table.

He was caught in the miniature rapid at the bottom of the pool.

This miniature has given you some faint idea of his image, and yet this is only the copy of a copy.

He destined this miniature for the Emperor of China or the Sultan.

Carrie had loosened her dress, and as she did so, a miniature fell upon the bed.

Murgatroyd popped his head out of his miniature sleeping-cabin.

Crossing his legs—his feet were like miniature trunks—he added, "How are you, anyway?"